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PC Specs



Operating System:: XP SP2+ - VISTA - WIN 7 - WIN 10

Browser supportati: (ie 8+)

Operating System:: WIN 10

Edge : Coming Soon

Operating System:: 10.6.8

Browser supportati:

Operating System:: 10.7+

Browser supportati:

GFX CARD: DX9 capable - 256Mb or great

MEM: 1 Gb for webplayer - 2 Gb for webgl

Browser recommended: Firefox

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View your projects even on iOS and Android with
Home 3D Viewer

Home3D Editor

Home3D Editor is the easiest and fastest way to realize, customize and share plans. Without any technical knowledge, create and decorate planimetries 3D becomes easy and fast, offering a new browsing enviroment. Directly from the browser (on your computer) you can realize through simple and intuitive interface, detailed designs and exciting design.

Home3D Viewer

Home3D Mobile Viewer is an APP created to view, navigate, live and always have with you the projects realized with Home3D platform Editor. With the app you can view the projects shared by others, through links or with social networks, establishing a direct contact between people interested..


Upload your floor plan and you can use as background for your drawing. You do not have time? Use our tracing service.

Catalog furniture

Catalog offers a wide range of 3D furniture and design products. Decorate and personalize any room using a product catalog always updated. Show more..


Live a unique experience, real and immersive thanks to the three-dimensional immersive navigation, which allow interoperation with the environment, lighting and furnishings.


Share on social networks, or share your project links, with a simple click, to ask for suggestions to your friends.

3DSignBand Innovative Startup...

3DSign is a Startup Innovative who has created a solution for modeling and management of scenes and 3D objects to the cloud. The Startup after creating their own working environment for manipulating 3D OBJECTS has realized Home3D platform, the easiest way to create three-dimensional environments and intuitvo Web

In 2013, 3DSign was incubated at Polihub, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, after winning the 'Switch2Product', a competition that encourages creativity to bring out ideas that may lead to the development of new high-tech products with high technological content and innovative design


Alessandro De Grandi

Alessandro De Grandi

CEO & Founder

Alessio Zolla

Alessio Zolla

Operation Executive

Andrea Bernasconi

Andrea Bernasconi

Developer Executive

Sara Cassina

Sara Cassina

Communication Executive

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You are currently using CHROME or EDGE, to increase the performance of the platform and take full advantage of the design capabilities we recommend using FIREFOX or INTERNET EXPLORER.

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